Spending All Day at a Desk

Looking at the business ethos of none other than Virgin mogul, Richard Branson, there is no truer and more accurate saying than ‘Learn to look after your staff first, the rest will follow’. Ensuring the comfort and happiness of your staff should be top priority in today’s business age, and with LOF Office Furniture we [...]

First Impressions Count

Life is all about first impressions, and when it comes to business, there is nothing more ever-lasting than a client’s first impression of how they are greeted and treated upon first encounter with your business premises and team members. The reception area of your business is generally the first port-of-call for most of your customers, [...]

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Choosing the right office desk

As the cliché goes; “A change is as good as a holiday”, and in the office this can be particularly true. The same space can be transformed into a place where clients will happily part with their money for your goods or cause them to question your existence and expertise. What does your office furniture [...]