What does Ergonomic mean and why is it important for office furniture?

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If you are shopping around for new office furniture you have probably heard the word “ergonomic” being flung around. Ergonomics certainly play a vital role in the decision making process when it comes to office furniture, and we’re going to tell you why!

First and foremost, by definition – ergonomics is the art of creating furniture items (and other items) to conform comfortably to the body. The furniture is specifically designed to alleviate stress and strain, as well as reduce the potential risk of injury. As you can imagine, in the modern day office, many hours are spent sitting at the computer or at a desk. It is vitally important that the desk, chair and surrounding items are all ergonomically designed and set up.

Of course it’s not all about comfort with ergonomic furniture. It’s also about ensuring that everything is set up for speed and efficiency in the office space. With the right ergonomic office furniture, your work environment will be finely tuned for success. In addition to that, your staff members won’t dread the thought of a few extra minutes or hours at their desks or workstations.

What are the risks if you choose non-ergonomic office furniture?

For many, investing in non-ergonomic office furniture is not an option, it is a reality. In some instances a business owner might opt for furniture that offers aesthetic appeal or a cheap price tag, without taking into account the long-term negative effects that the furniture and such a bad decision can present. Yes, you want your furniture items to look great, but they should be comfortable and functional too.

Some of the risks of investing in the wrong furniture include:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Lack of concentration due to discomfort, which can directly translate to errors being made in the office and financial losses as a result
  • Staff members taking more sick days or claiming for medical treatment due to sore backs, neck strain and so on

What are the benefits of ergonomic office furniture?

  • Increased productivity due to improved comfort
  • Decreased absenteeism and medical / treatment claims
  • Improved morale and job satisfaction, which improves employee retention
  • Improved health and safety in the workplace
  • Increased quality of work

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