Ergonomic Chairs & Their Benefits


As out knowledge of the human body has grown, so too has the science behind optimal seating for workers, who sit throughout most of their working day. This science is known as Ergonomics, which uses physiological and psychological concepts to the design of products used by people. After decades of studies, ergonomic chairs have been seen to improve the working environment and the attitudes of workers.

Anyone whose job requires them to sit for the majority of the working day know that, after a few hours, the discomfort sets in. Lower back pain, aching tailbone, sore neck, headaches. The list goes on and on. This discomfort starts to affect the work they are doing, lowering productivity, and decreases worker morale. How do we fix this? Ergonomic chairs!

What makes ergonomic chairs different from regular chairs? Ergonomic chairs have adjustable seat height, a decently padded seat and backrest, an adjustable backrest, lumbar support, easy swiveling, and a stable base. All of these properties help to improve comfort and posture, taking the stress off the person’s body.

Research has shown that using ergonomic chairs is better for employee health and morale, which leads to increased productivity and a better quality of work. Leaders Office Furniture is looking out for comfort by bringing you some fantastic chairs. Check out the Clio Highback Chair or the Bodyscale Highback Chair

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