Styling Your Office Shelves


When you start setting up your office, no one really tells the best way to make your shelves look good. Yes, their main function is storage but if you style them well, they can take your office décor to a higher level. More often than not shelves become a dumping ground for things that clutter desks and tables, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to keep that from happening.

The first step in making anything look good is to hide the unappealing parts of it. Things like spare cables, paper for the printer, extra stationery, etc. can make your shelves look messy and ugly but a solution to this is to use decorative boxes or baskets that fit onto the shelves to put these things into. By doing this, not only does it tidy up the shelves, but it organizes them while adding some decoration.

Some things in the office are used too often to be put in boxes but do tend not to look great. The best thing you can do is keep them neat and clean. You can also make use of tray, folders and files which will leave the items inside still easily accessible but organized. Making these things look good on the shelves is done by grouping them together based on size and/or colour.

If these shelves are accessible by the entire office or guests, adding magazines and books will contribute colour and warmth. Creating separate piles and placing them in different places on the shelves will make several points of interest for people to look at and give people something to do while they are waiting for an appointment or on their lunch break.

Next you’ll want to liven up your shelves to create a contrast between the objects. Add some plants or some flowers! If the effort to save money, use succulents, low maintenance or fake plants. That way you don’t have to replace them every week. These bursts of life add vibrance to any space and have been proven to lift people’s spirits.

The best thing you can do to make your shelves look great is to put your personality on it. Objects that represent you or the culture of your business can really make your shelves look fantastic and draw the attention of guests. Ceramic figures, vases, collectibles, antiques, candles – anything that can tell the people looking on just a little bit about you.

Styling your shelves in the office can be frustrating, especially if you’re not creatively inclined. Yet, as long as everything is organized and you add a few interesting nick-nacks, you’ll end up with a great end product that workers and guests alike can enjoy.

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