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Working from home has now become the new norm for many people and often this means that an office has to be established somewhere in the house. The one of the biggest issues with home offices seems to the lack of space to put everything. The need for decent storage space is underestimated but luckily, there are a few different ways to maximize storage without using up all the office space.

The go to option for storage is shelves. You can choose to have a standing shelf, wall mounted shelves or floating shelves. Having the shelves up on the wall opens up a lot of floor space but a standing shelf can have a bigger capacity for storage. Shelves are great for things like books, files, stationery and décor.

If space isn’t really an issue, then boxes could be a great solution for you. Boxes can be great for storing files, documents, and extra bits and bobs that you don’t use that often. What’s great is that you can also place them onto shelves, depending on there size. They help make your home office look more organized and tidy.

Cabinets and cupboards may already be built into the room, making them a convenient storage space. These offer a lot of space for whatever you need to store, as well as keep your home office free of clutter and organized.

A similar concept to floating shelves, is to mount trays and holders on the walls near your desk. This is great for keeping your paperwork and stationery nearby without it cluttering your desk. These don’t take up a lot of space on the wall and can be versatile in use.

Lastly, the most convenient storage place in your home office is inside your desk. Most work desks come with draws built in and these are ideal for storing things that you need often but don’t have space for on top of your desk. Some desk drawers will have locks on them, making them perfect for keeping important items of documents.

There are many options for you to create storage space in your home office. Some options are more convenient for smaller spaces but your storage options will depends on the type of work you do, since that will determine how much space you need. Take your time to assess your work space and how much storage you’re going to need, then make your decision about whether you’re going to use shelves, boxes, cabinets, cupboards, mounted trays/holders, and/or desk drawers.

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