Metal vs Wood: Choosing the Furniture that’s Best for Your Office

Decorating can be a daunting task no matter where you’re doing it, but it can be especially tough to decorate your office. Everybody has their own sense of style but sometimes you need guidance when you’re deciding what your style is. A good place to start is deciding whether you prefer metal or wood. Each material has its pros and cons but, in the end, they are both wonderful additions to your space. Now it is important to note that different businesses will decorate differently. Some offices have to be more practical when it comes to their offices, while others can be more creative.

With that in mind, metal furniture can have both practical and creative applications. Metal is easy to maintain and durable, so other than the initial cost of the furniture, it can be quite cost effective. Something to remember is that the are different types of metal and finishes you can get to suit your style ideas. A possible downside to metal furniture is that it can be seen as quite clinical and cold, which can affect the atmosphere of the office. Metal can also be uncomfortable to sit on.

Wood furniture has endless possibilities for creativity and detail. Wood can be varnished, painted or upholstered, giving you a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from. Wooden furniture also tends to have a softer effect than metal. However, wood does have to be taken care of to prevent damage and ultimately does not have the same longevity of metal. Since wood is more pliable, it be given greater detail. Generally, offices with wooden furniture have a warmer atmosphere.

There are many things that can work to inform your decision between wood and metal furniture but in the end, it’s always better to choose what feels best for you and your office. Additionally, there is no rule against having both wood and metal furniture. If you can’t decide on one or the other, use both. Metal cabinets are great for storage and wooden desks give an office a lot of character. They can be mixed and matched in many different ways and your office will still look great.

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