Modern Reception Seating


The reception area of every business is one of the most important rooms in an office when it comes your clients. What it really comes down to is the seating you’ve provided for them and how it has been maintained. Benches, couches, stools, armchairs – the choices are infinite. Once you are certain of the vibe you want to create, there are some considerations to peruse.

As humans, we immediately seek comfort. In terms of your reception, your clients are going to want comfortable seating for their wait because their experience in the reception area will be their first impression of you and your business. Uncomfortable seats instill a negative feeling toward the business, which is easily avoidable. Using cushioned seating is your best bet and if the cushioning isn’t built in, add a pillow to the chair. Something else you might want to add is a table for the client to use while they wait.

The next thing you should be aware of is that your clients may not want to sit next strangers and people that come in together might want to sit next to each other. Having a variety of seating types will allow clients to choose where they would feel most comfortable in relation to others in the reception area. Using a combination of couches and single chairs can accomplish this.

While comfort is the number one priority for seating, hygiene is a close second. Your clients will not want to sit on a chair that looks dirty, therefore it is important to 1) clean the chairs regularly and 2) choose colours/upholstery that won’t show dirt or stains easily. With time, some chairs can develop dark patches that can’t be removed and that’s usually an indication that you should either have it reupholstered or get a new chair.

On top of everything, you need to have an understanding of the space available. Cramming a bunch of chairs together won’t be received well by people that have to sit there. Measure the space before you buy or move the chairs into the reception area, allowing you to plan the layout and allow for adequate spacing between chairs.

The important thing to remember is that you clients will respond well to a laid back and comfortable reception area that considers their feelings. Planning ahead will be an advantage and will help you to organize the seating in a cohesive manner.

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