Set Up a Home Office that Works for You


Working from home makes it difficult to separate your work mentality and your home life. This makes it extremely important to create a space in your home that is purely for work purposes. There are a few ways to go about this but you also have to train your mind to go into work mode when you enter this space.

Everyone is different, this isn’t news to anyone, but when it comes to getting work done, we’re all more-or-less the same: we want to work in peace. No interruptions or unnecessary distractions. You have to choose a space, where you can achieve that with the best results. A spare bedroom, a study, a dining room, your bedroom, even the kitchen. You need to choose what is comfortable for you and what will allow you to focus on your work. It’s better to be sealed off in a room that isn’t generally used by anyone else in your house, lessening the chances of foot traffic becoming a distraction.

Next you’ll need some form of desk. We all dream of being able to work in bed and some people can manage it but the temptation to slip down under the blankets can get stronger as the day wears on. There’s also the issue of posture. When you sit in bed to work, you tend to hunch your shoulders and this will straight your neck and back. Sitting at a desk gives you a better chance of being productive and reduces the amount of bodily discomfort you may experience. Having a desk also encourages your mind to see this area as a place of work and focus.

Now that you have a room and a place to set up your work, you need to make sure the atmosphere is conducive to a productive day’s work. Open a window and let the fresh air come in. This helps to keep you feeling awake and alert. While you’re near the window, open up your curtains/blinds and let the natural light in. Most of us work on computers all day and a badly lit room will strain your eyes. Nothing worse than having to stare at a computer screen with a pounding headache and still trying to churn out high quality work.

Lastly, decorate. Make this space your own and add things to make it more personal. Having some small personal items may help you feel more comfortable in this space and lessen the chances that you’ll get bored.

Setting up an office in your home takes careful consideration of your surroundings and the ability to distinguish between a work space and a leisure space. Choosing the right room is possibly the most important step but how you set up the room will determine the effectiveness of the home office.

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