Setting Up Dual Monitors In Your Home Office


Most working individuals have spent their careers working on one monitor. It’s common and easy to operate. However, some professions require a dual monitor set up. Some individuals even prefer having two monitors. Setting them up in your home requires some thought.

Spreading your working across two monitors can be quite beneficial. It allows you to use one monitor, while doing something else on the other. For example, a writer will have a document open on one monitor while conducting research on the other monitor. This can see an increase in productivity and reduce clutter on your desktop.

In order to have this in your home, you need a decent amount of space to have the monitors side-by-side and a sturdy table to put them on. If you use a desktop computer, then you will need to ensure that your video card provides ports to support dual monitors, or you will need to invest in a second video card. You can also purchase a splitter to allow for two HDMI or VGA connecting monitors. If you use a laptop, then you’ll need a port that can support a monitor, or an adapter that will allow you to use a monitor. Keep in mind that most monitors use HDMI or VGA connectors, and today’s laptops typically only offer HDMI or USB ports. A simple docking adaptor will give you a lot more flexibility, and even make it possible for you to use a second or dual monitor with a MacBook Air.

Now that the hardware is taken care of, you need to change the display settings on the computer to accommodate dual screens. Usually, you can do this by going to your display settings. If you’re using Microsoft Windows, look for something that says “Multiple Displays” and you will be given the option to extend or duplicate your display. On Apple software, go to “System Preferences” and then go to “Displays”. Select the “Arrangements” tab and choose to either extend or duplicate your display.

Having dual monitors can be very useful to anyone that works on a computer all day. The setup isn’t difficult as long as you have all the parts and cables to support it. It could be a great addition to your home office.

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